Wednesday, 27 May 2020

Please, do not kill me

I cannot breathe
Pls, I can’t breathe 
Do not kill me, man 
Please, don’t kill me 

I’m just asking for one thing 
Not that you let me go, no
As I know I’m never free 
But just to breathe like you 

Let me inhale some free air 
My stomach and neck hurt 
They’re quietly turning cold 
And my legs and everything too

You might never understand me
As you’re a fruit of the system 
The one that owned my ancestors
And a fruit never falls far from the tree 

OMG, Mama, where’re you now
You said I should never ever argue
As the police sees me as a threat 
But here I lie as they execute me 

Bro aKIM, can you hear my plea 
You, I thought would understand 
For your ancestors felt the chains  
Or has the system corrupted you too

I can’t breathe, man don’t kill me, please 
I’m also human and feel pain
Yes, you do have your reasons to fear
But why kill me publicly like a wild cat 

Does your knee hurt like my neck does
Do the pains of the day lay heavy on you 
You could’ve asked that I serve as your seat 
But why bent on snuffing me out

I have always heard of police brutality 
But never knew it hurts this bad
To be agonizing, and pleading to breathe 
As I also hit the black road of no return


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