Friday, 17 April 2020

Why We Ought to Be, Sometimes, Afraid by Alisonomi

Are you sometimes afraid? I am! Today, I was afraid to speak to you about fear. I was afraid of not knowing what to say or making mistakes. But I mustered up my courage to inform you that to be afraid is not wrong, and that to be sometimes frightened is normal. This is because it is only by being afraid that you can measure every risk you are about to take; it is when are frightened that you valorize better your life. Fear helps you to understand that this or that action can bring untold hardship to you, your neighbors and others. 

But you should never allow fear to dominate you. This is because when you are overpowered by fear, you cannot even comfortably live. So, when you are afraid, take time to recollect yourself; ask yourself why you are really afraid. 

For example, we are all afraid of Covid19. But it’s not the fear of Coronavirus that terrorizes us. It’s the fear of contracting the disease, the fear of being killed by the disease or seeing our beloved ones killed by it. So, the fear of this virus permits us to protect ourselves as fear is an expression of our survival instinct. 

Sometimes, we say that bears are fearless animals but on the contrary, they are very fearful. When a bear meets an intruder, the bear might just appear to ignore him or her. It will generally continue its way. But if ever the bear is with the cubs and it fears that the life of the cubs is in danger, it will attack the intruder. So, why does the bear attack the intruder at this point? It’s not because bears are ruthless animals, it’s rather because of the fear of losing the cubs. 

Maybe we should learn from the mother bear. We should not be afraid of every troubled water. We should only be afraid of those elements or situations that constitute a danger for ourselves, our neighbors and our future. But we should never allow ourselves to be dominated by fear. 

On another hand, Jesus was sometimes afraid. We can never say that enough. When he went with his disciples to Gethsemane, he was so afraid that he said, ‘My soul is overwhelmed with sorrow to the point of death.’ But what did he do? He turned to his father in prayer. So, when you are afraid, what can you do? Do exactly like Jesus! Turn to God in prayer; ask him to protect you. Ask that his will be done in your life, because his will, will always be for your good, for your well-being and your success in life.

So, when you are face to face with fear, stand your ground, think of the present moment; what can you do, what are you expected to do, and why should you do that? For if we take time to think well, we will understand that we are not afraid of what frightens us, but the consequences of what frightens us. It’s the consequences of Covid19; the consequences of this or that act; the consequences of this or that thing, that frightens us. So, being afraid is very important as it forces us to reconsider every one of our actions.

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