Wednesday, 22 April 2020

Mother Earth Speaks, Harken! By Alisonomi

Sitting quietly on my morning meditation chair 

My mind stubbornly plays one of its many tricks 

Wandering freely among the voices of the wind 

The snapping and crackling on our wooden house 

And listening to the voice on our zoom meditation 


The time says we are deep into the springtime 

But Khiona has once proven not to be different 

From our own Amadioha and his brother Shango

Who are not respecters of neither time nor season

Tshiuetin has once visited our village with his force 

And Khiona on her wings vested on a drowsy white 


A spring morning it ought to have been or so I thought

But absent are the birds that our courtyard, pay morn visit

Their shrinking dirge that piteously wails the dying winter 

Has been quieted by this goddess riding at the Tshiuetin’s back 

And the long-quarantined humans are inside biting their nails 

And wondering if they are dreaming or having some spring crisis


Zut! come back to the house you, wandering spirit

Return to your virus-imposed morn meditation routine

Take time to concentrate on the voice of your virtual guide

Enjoy your cherished newly discovered virtual spiritual exercises

And allow the Mother Earth to speak to us humans on her Day

Together with the crowned virus they remind us of our real place  


Copyright: Alisonomi2020, Earth Day 2020


Khiona : The Greek goddess of snow, daughter of Boreas, god of the North Wind and Winter, and sister of Zethes and Calais. She is depicted as a goddess in the series, although in some myths she is visualized as a snow nymph.

Amadioha : He is the God of thunder and lightning in Igbo mythology. Among all his attributes are the role of assuring that justice is rendered in the society as well as being the God of love peace and unity. These and many other reasons make him to occupy an important role in the pantheon of Igbo Gods. 

Shango : He is the Yoruba God of thunder and lightning. Living in the sky he hurls thunderstones to earth, killing those who offend him or setting their houses afire. 

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