Thursday, 9 April 2020

Jesus called even the Imperfect Priests by Alisonomi

If discipleship was about being perfect

Jesus wouldn’t have chosen Peter - he denied him 

If Apostleship was all about holiness 

He wouldn’t have thought of Judas - he was a traitor  

Did he want his words swallowed hook, line and sinker 

Maybe he would have thought twice before inviting Thomas


But maybe he doesn’t really call only the perfect 

For he wouldn’t have chosen them differently

Some very young, others exceptionally old

Some innocent and ever asking questions 

While one was malicious and always having plans

Or would he have chosen men ready to leave his sinking boat 


And it still looks like Jesus has never changed 

For he has not yet decided to call only Angels

As we see his alter still surrounded by imperfect men

And there’re still men from all races, tribes and languages 

Some angelic and some others struggling with life 

For priests are men and as all human, striving to be perfect

Copyright: Alisonomi2020, Holy Thursday


  1. Nice thought, thanks for nice reflection Fr.
    More Grace!!!

  2. Thank you very much Padre. You did a wonderful work. How I wish we will learn from it. More power to your elbow.