Friday, 24 April 2020

Diplomacy for Whose Peace? by Alisonomi

The world is now a village says them all

But remain in your street we hear them say

In Lagos and in New York we share a space

But do not forget, your street is the shit-hole 


Agreements are signed every year 

But the poor have no clause in them

Bilateral and mutual they say they are

But nothing was done for the good of all 


The powerful each year play their pun

Agreement, accord, pact and resolution 

All encased in mutuality and multilateralism

But at the end, we are left to rot alive like moles   


Today they say is the World Multilateral Day 

Expected to promote Diplomacy for Peace 

But what indeed is peace if not the good of the rich 

And an occasion, on the shoulder of the poor to tap 


But with the arrival of Covid19, the crowned virus

Should the world continue to play the hide and seek 

While Wuhan is now at the back of Madrid and Milan 

And can a Nairobi taxi driver survive while New York burns? 

 Copyright Alisonomi2020© 

“It is not enough to proclaim the virtues of multilateralism; we must continue to show its added value. International cooperation must adapt to changing times.”

- Anthónio Gutierrez, UN Secretery-General

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