Thursday, 19 March 2020

*Netflixing* In My Solitary Confinement by Alisonomi

Hello from my solitary confinement 
My sacred place of cheerful solitude
That to me procures a calm enjoyment 
For which I have to express my gratitude 
To all those that made this peace possible 
By freely sacrificing their own very security 
To make communities, yours and mine, livable 
As they work and count on our civic maturity 
Yeah, since the arrival of the crowned virus 
The one absent in our big medical papyrus 
The world has been in total bewilderment 
Each citizen questioning their  government 
Who seems not to understand what is amiss 
And as usual started with their overpromise 
Before realizing that this is a crowned queen 
Whose war one can’t say exactly who will win 
So as you complain of the burden of your isolation 
Ask yourself on whose sacrifice you enjoy your day 
Seated on your armchair zapping your television 
Knowing that nothing will arrive even to your hair 
Or when you complain of the kids running around 
Think of their teachers and listen to how you sound 
Then give thanks to God for those valiant citizens 
Who work for you *to netflix* from seasons to reasons

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