Friday, 13 March 2020

I’m COVID19 and I wear the crown by Alisonomi

I’m called COVID19 and I wear an ill-fated crown 

Born and harshly brought up in a Chinese town  

But I have just started terrorizing the entire world 

Initially I was thought to be in love only with the old 

But now I freely hug everyone, not only in Chinatowns 

And thus exposing the hypocrisy of all your clowns 

Diseases came in the past but non wore the crown 

And so were easily confined or got a real beatdown 

But I’m the mother of all, the head that wears the cap 

Nations and their leaders are all in panic as heads roll 

While the masses fight over the last pack of toilet roll  

And without trouble I continue my stride as the evil queen 

Relax!  I am only here to remind you your true nature 

Though it’s not my wish to do so without some torture 

For by nature you are all frail and surely need one another 

But to end the seething maelstrom of my intended odyssey

Humans need to give up their fake national crowns and sit down

Before I, the crowned virus pushes the economy to a total meltdown 

And remember, I’m COVID19, the head that wears the ill-fated cap 


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