Tuesday, 17 March 2020

Beware of Covidoskeptics - Alisonomi

All those playing with the poor today by reminding the world that hunger kills more than COVID19 are just afraid to declare their Covidoskepticism (Covid19 skepticism). Let them stop thinking that they have invented the gun powder. 
This group suddenly became advocates of the poor and the hungry. They suddenly remembered that 8500 children die of hunger everyday.
It’s not like they are lying but coming up with that crusade now is living in denial.
They are convinced that they love the poor, and have become their advocates, but they are just nourishing their doubt. Where were they before the Covid19? If you love the poor, you don’t need to wait only for other incidences to declare your commitment to social justice. 
We know that the poor are dying in thousands everyday; we understand that not much have been committed to their cause, but they should, please, avoid distracting us with that. COVID19 kills everybody and bet me, the poor will always be the less privileged even in fight against this disease.  
So, please, beware of covidoskeptics for their concern is not only about the poor but about their doubt of the existence of the disease. They are simply Covidoskeptics! 

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