Saturday, 29 February 2020

Tell COVID19 that here is Naija by Alisonomi

Let someone tell the Corona virus

That here in Naija we role differently 

In hard moments we go really harder 


Though we might not like our government 

And who can really blame us for hating her 

But we fully trust our talented citizens 


We might not believe her numerous preachers 

And who have ever believed hungry charlatans 

But we have never doubted our faith in surviving 


We might not close our two eyes on our operation table 

For how many Nigerians ride the pale horse on them 

But we will keep calm if our epidemiologists say we should 


We might not trust the strategic plan of our health minister

As you need to be indeed daft to trust any Nigerian politician 

But we trust the readiness of our health officers to save the day 


Ebola came with all its homicidal rage and cold fury 

But our health workers took the bull by the horn 

And without too much prayers and stories saved us all 


Now the COVID19 has set its foot on our motherland 

And our valiant health workers are on the field again 

Defying sickness and death for Nigeria is our home 




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