Friday, 28 February 2020

Nigerian Medical Team is Ready to tackle the COVID19 Outbreak by Mcginger Ibeneme, MBBS

This article came from a series of tweets made by the author in his twitter handle @mcginger22. He tweeted them very early in the morning of 28 February 2020. It is a reassuring message coming form someone who has a first hand information on the preparedness of our great team. It is indeed worth sharing!  
"Current MD of Infectious Disease Clinic Yaba Lagos Dr Ambimbola Bowale is a veteran IPC personnel. He was our team leader during the 2014 Ebola Outbreak in Lagos and he led from the front. The first Nigerian doctor to volunteer, was trained by WHO and he helped train the rest of us. He cared for Adedavor and  others victims till the very end. Abimbola is very competent and committed. 

On the phone with him this morning and he sounded very optimistic about containing this threat. 

NCDC has produced thousands of field epidemiologists through the FELTIP program in partnership with American CDC. The graduates are very professional and are well exposed to disaster situations. They successfully contained many outbreaks in Nigeria including Polio and Cholera at different times and have been doing a great job with Lassa Outbreaks.

The current Leadership Of NCDC has shown great prospects in leadership and has turned the organization into a maverick public establishment. Dr Chikwe is a great guy. 

My informed opinion is that we may not be helpless in the face of corona virus. 

The concern would be the public and private health facilities that could serve as the contact points for cases. 

In all let’s keep hope alive. 

Play your part , be good citizen and resist the temptation to spread false or unverified information thereby causing panic. 

Alert healthcare workers whenever you deem it necessary. 

God bless Nigeria". 

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