Saturday, 1 February 2020

An Elegy to Nigerian Martyrs by Alisonomi


I heard strong wails of anguish 
Surging from victims of ambush
Voices overburdened by hardship 
Unleashed by our own leadership
Their voices pierced my troubled heart 
Tearing my entire world slowly apart 
As I sat silently meditating the premise
Of what this nation held as a promise 
A lamentation that stabs deep 
Voices long subdued that still beep 
As they awaken the dead conscience 
Of our nation overpowered by silence 
Dead silence as his children 
Are massacred daily like a hen
While our elders in gaiety rejoice 
Mocking our united sulking voice 
Our people are dying on a daily basis
Even if our leaders deny the crisis 
Presenting their children and wives 
As trophies, each one his duty skives 
I write this for you dead Nigerians
Victims of myriad authoritarians 
Who has sucked dry your vital fluids 
Offering you to their ego as did the druids  

They secretl kill those that raise an alarm
Maiming anyone that tries to raise an arm 
While setting free those that kill in numbers 
Cutting their heads openly like crazy barbers 
I write for you our uncelebrated martyrs
People killed in cold blood, and daughters 
Raped at the sacred altars of foreign gods 
While the nation watches and celebrates sods 
And to you the last born of our holy dead
You quietly joined the masses that bled 
Those their lives undeservedly were taken 
As our reckless govt, the citizens have forsaken   
My elegy is also for our once celebrated nation 
Formerly revered and looked up to for affiliation 
But today listed as a shithole and banned 
From visas, delisted from countries planned. 


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