Friday, 31 January 2020

Who will be Our Voice? by Alisonomi

Lexonart PhotoOur Country needs a voice 

Who would not make noise 

But on whose wise words 

The cabals shriek like birds 


Trill and gurgle of philomel 

Screeching like a young girl 

Crying as she looks for a way

To avenge her tongue cut away 


Who‘ll, in her name, shout 

Or even try to move about 

Travelling with sharp quills

And our ancestral poetic skills


Touching the hearts of our folks

And uprooting the toxic hoax 

Of the arch-enemies of the state 

So as to unity and peace reinstate 


Who will be the voice of reason 

Detecting every possible poison 

That crazy folks bring forward 

To draw our people downward 


Who will be the face of the nation 

Standing up for all her population 

To shame these herds of hyena

Beguiling us with their ballerina 


Who will really save our people 

From this tragic state of rumple 

Where rogues keep us in hostage 

While ruling the nation as a village


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