Sunday, 5 January 2020

The Paradox of Epiphany - Alisonomi

Epiphany was simply the manifestation of divinity until Christ made it his own. He gave it a human face by appearing even in the weakest human form. He was born as a baby under a scandalous circumstance as Mary was still simply betrothed (not yet married) to Joseph. And, like that was not intriguing enough, he accepted to be born poorer than ordinary poor people, in an animal stead. 
And instead of being announced to the high priest or in a religious milieu of his time, he was announced to the shepherds. What a waste of divine opportunity, one might ordinarily say. How can Christ manifest himself to the shepherds, among all the people in Israel? That is really ludicrous knowing that the shepherds are not the most religious people in any culture. 
But like that was not enough, his star appeared in the East. And, once more the epiphany takes place neither in the temple nor among the religious people of his time. 
Furthermore, during his lifetime, he was to repeat the same choice: he ate with Zacchaeus and with Matthew and promised a sinful woman that her story will be told at every supper of the Lord. 
At his resurrection, he first appeared to Mary Magdalen and to the other women, first,  before appearing to his own disciples. He chose them to bear the good news of his resurrection to his own disciples. 
But at every moment, the religious people try to steal the show afterward. 
Today, no one speaks about the faith of the shepherds other than as a reference while talking about the birth of Jesus. We have today, also made the visitors from the east kings to fit a given stereotype. 
Herod wanted to steal the show if not that the Angels told them not to report to him. 
No one recounts the bravery of the woman in memory of her as the apostles took over the story from the women. 
Today again, we are doing everything possible to monopolize the narratives by silencing poor voices, and putting religious people and doctrines at the forefront, even when it is certain that Christ would never have done so. And though Christ continues to manifest himself in different peripheries people like Herod of the old, many Church leaders and zealots are always trying to monopolize the narratives. They are killing every rising voice, demonizing every shepherd who witnesses Jesus in an uncommon ground.

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