Sunday, 26 January 2020

Our Sweet Pitiable Hangover by Alisonomi

We are a nation of people 

Determined like a cripple

To face the world without fear 

And even ruined, we don’t care


A nation already in hostage

Ruled by cabals as a village  

Handled by eldritch old males 

Who charm us like nightingales 


They have few things in common 

Always bargaining like a demon 

And keep promising heavens on earth 

But accord us nothing of a pennyworth


Micromanaged by an old general

Who zooms in and out like a cockerel

Still smiling despite his undying shame

And raising his empire of change era fame 


Every four years we perform the same rite 

Each one of us handing them over his right 

At the price of few naira notes or cups of rice 

Which we are called to repay at a high price 


Once the masquerade we call election is over 

We begin to silently enjoy our pitiable hangover 

Or to accuse one another or curse our tribal gods 

When we did consciously leak their ass like dogs 


Maybe it’s time to tell ourselves the bitter truth 

That the old saying “tomorrow is for the youth”

Is only the tactic of the cabals to run the show 

While young people silently keep their heads low 



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