Thursday, 19 December 2019

The Christmas of the Homeless Jesus by Alisonomi

Two thousand years ago 

In Nazareth of Galilee   

Was Mary’s son born 

In David’s royal family  

To a carpenter in the red  

Who couldn’t afford a room 

To her wife in labour pains 


It was in the heart of Nazareth

The city of the the most high 

The Saviour was sent back

On a very cold and hostile night

The prince of peace an inn denied 


In the 21st century of the Lord’s year 

New holy families have come once more 

Knocking at the gates of our metropolis 

With crying Jesus of hunger and wars

Little and innocent friends of the Lord  


They, like Jesus, are being sent back 

Surrounded by civilized roughnecks 

The Modern Shere Khans of our borders

Kalashnikov in hands and ready to shoot 

They separate the mothers from their kids

Without time to say a simple goodbye  


Locking Joseph far from the infant Jesus  

Mary hurriedly taken to a detention centre 

They traumatize again the holy innocents

While Pharaohs from their houses of colour 

Order to make the nation great again 

Proudly locking kids in detention centres

In nations built in trust and fear of God  


But I hear the Angels that roam the sea 

Flying on their ships to save the day

Hated by the Pharaohs of the old world 

Who take joy in curbing their golden wings

While smiling and dining with all the Neros 

Who reign in terror in the third world 


They all speak of peace like it’s a thing 

But gaily sow terror on the mother earth 

Distributing wars freely like Father Christmas

Evicting more Jesus from their motherland 

Only to lock them up in prisons or in isolation 

In modern Nazareth of homeless Jesus 


Merry Christmas, 

From a friend of the homeless Jesus ! 


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