Tuesday, 31 December 2019

An Elegy to the Nigerian Coat of Arm - Alisonomi

We had a nation forged in Unity 

And on our ancestors’ sacred Faith 

That unity and faith procure Peace 

And assure a nation’s Progress 


Unity independent of our diversities 

Faith in our willingness to embrace 

Peace as a nation of people who love 

Progress and human development 


But the symbols of our national unity  

Have been mowed down on bad faith

By a pack of hyenas, enemies of peace 

Who have vowed to hamper our progress 


Unity and progress they loathe with alacrity 

Faith and peace they destroy in its entirety 

This group of fossilized Generals in civil attire 

Who with awe, our nation’s death conspire 


Ours was a nation strong as fairy horses 

Mightier and endearing as a golden eagle 

She started progressing with all her forces

Connecting all spheres of life like Google 


Before these cabals took us all in hostage

Directing our nation like an affair of a village 

Killing and maiming those who raise their voices 

But one day revolution might be among our choices 


For these Generals are our real problems 

Manipulating religious fanatics and hoodlums 

And embanking on chronic ethnic bias for disunity 

Using the military to trample on us in all impunity 


Still I remember that Nigeria was indeed a nation 

Built and passed on to us by our ancestors 

Expecting us to keep for the next generation 

But today, she is in the hands of impostors  




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