Friday, 8 November 2019

Our Old Village Roundabout — Alisonomi

Nigeria, an old village roundabout 

Where the biggest cars enjoy the privilege 

And no one really cares as one can always shout

But it seems to facilitate circulation in such village 


Here, events are like spells of witches 

They attracts attention as in megachurches 

That sap the faithfuls in the name of good-news

And multiply incessantly as the fake-news 


Our situation is surprisingly unique in nature 

For each of our system is built on this structure 

That like in marketplaces samples corruption

And transfers the knowledge as an education

Our leaders are certainly on another planet 

Always travelling up and down around the earth  

With the money openly stolen without remorse 

As the citizens coolly remain in slumber, of course


Our churches harbour the worst among our thieves

Multiplying in leaders who are but sacred pet peeves  

That in the name of God deceive and fake miracles 

Commanding God up and down like village oracles

Alisonomi 2019©

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