Monday, 14 October 2019

Let the cabals know — Alisonomi

The toothless lions parading the jungle 
Scavenging all the available loopholes
For the remains of animals to strangle
Forcing woodchucks back to their holes 

They’re bloodsuckers on a deadly mission    
Roding our fatherland with no other vision 
Than to trample upon all they see moving 
As if they roars for others to be grooving 

From their caves located in the Abjo Rock 
And in the different secretariat of their den 
They erect walls bigger than the Mazu Rock 
And openly instruct like the masses, they ken 

But if we can really join our heroes pasts
The great men and women like Fela Kuti 
As youths with vision and a sacred duty 
The cabals will know we’re not outcasts

Alisonomi 2019©

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