Sunday, 20 October 2019

I had already pledge to Nigeria my Country - Alisonomi

I had already pledged to Nigeria my country 
To be faithful, loyal and honest 
Before I recognized that in Nigeria 
Faithfulness is really too cost a virtue 
That loyalty is a commodity for the gods 
And that honesty has long been sacrificed 
At the alter by our desperate cabals who are
Comfortably sitting on our national treasures  
Depleting with impunity the soul of country  

I had already pledged to Nigeria my home 
To serve her with all my strength
Before I discovered that Nigeria 
Is a country that drains our strength 
A nation that kills its own offspring 
And happily forces the remaining ones 
To seek greener pastures away from home 

I had already pledged to Nigeria my fatherland 
To defend with force her integrity and  unity 
And uphold her honour and glory 
Counting on God’s help 
Before I discovered that her own citizens 
Like her reckless and pseudo-leadership 
Have all abandoned themselves to bigotry 
Bowing to the gods of tribalism and fanaticism 
Imploring God’s help on all except the fatherland

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