Thursday, 10 October 2019

Girls of the East of Naija (I) - Alisonomi

I know a people from the East
Of the rising sun of River Niger 
Where women were once sacred 
Givers of life and sacred custodians  
Called mothers for myriads of reasons 

Mothers from their very tender age 
Little sisters but already perfect mothers 
Being moulded to fit a perfect stereotype 
Meticulously groomed to be the best of cooks
Scrub, wash, weed, sit with their legs crossed 

Once they learn to stand on two feet
Their first choice is to be good mums 
Multitasked ladies even before being girls 
Balancing loads on their heads with ease
For the future will not be always kind to them  

Happy as the children know how to always feel 
They also learn that to be a lady is to know shame 
For though perfect she might be, she's only but a girl 
Who should not look people straight at the eyes
As that’s not ladylike, thus unworthy of her sex

Alisonomi 2019©

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