Thursday, 3 October 2019

Angels Can Also Be Amerindians - Alisonomi

A Native American Angel by Dorin Do you know my favourite Angels? 

Not really those perfect like God 

For God indeed I love but cannot see

As I would want to see angels around 

My best Angels should be black 

But I wouldn’t mind for a red one 

Looking like my northern friends 

Sometimes beautifully chubby 

I want Angels that withstand cold 

In love with snows and forest lands 

Vested in moccasins and animal hides 

Loving to travel up north often and on 

I want to see Angels that defend lands

Fighting with our water protectors in front 

Against agents that desecrate Mother Earth  

Angels that speak Innu, Cree and Ojibway 

My favourite angels have to understand well

The plights and joys of my people of the North

Their traumas and their history of colonization 

And their tireless resilience and daily resistance  

For Angels can also be Amerindians

Alisonomi 2019©

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