Wednesday, 9 October 2019

A Blessed damned Nation - Alisonomi

Let’s take a journey 
To a would’ve been nation 
Once loftily deemed a giant 
Of heroic dwarves’ continent

A continent of great people 
Or a would have been one
Who failed to metamorphose  
Dwindling like burning candles

A nation of men and women 
With hidden overinflated egos  
Believing in their specialness 
Even with nothing to show off 

A nation of phoney people
Where each one appears holy 
Christians and Muslims alike 
Each one secretly faking holiness

A nation where both the leaders 
And the people they drag along  
All don scary but smiling masks 
Appearing to be truthfully genuine 

Professors harassing young ladies 
Pastors and priests on deadly mission
Imams and vaguely spiritual leaders 
All bent on milking dry their faithfuls 

Welcome to a blessed damned nation 
Where the elderlies parade indignity 
The young ones enjoying fake future
As they perform in their tragic opera   

Alisonomi 2019©

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