Thursday, 5 September 2019

Xenophobia by Alisonomi

To all my African brethren  
Sons and daughters of Anowa 
The grand sons of  Oduduwa 
And true daughters of Adroa 

Your ancestors were forged by Bumba 
Under the watchful gaze of Anansi 
While merrily jingled his cousin Kraag
To the soft humming of Nana-Buluku 

It was when Mawu-Lisa started the opus  
Of forging the sources of primordial lights 
He called before him GU, our elder brother
To whom he bequeathed our common law

Our own great and sacred law of Ubuntu 
Embodiment of fraternity known as Ujamaa 
That makes ones suffering his brother’s 
And his brother’s happiness his very own 

So wake up you black children of Africa 
Let’s forget all these artificial boundaries
Programmed to blow up our sacred fraternity 
For xenophobia is a damn chronic disease.

Alisonomi 2019©

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