Friday, 2 August 2019

To Our Fallen Heroes by Alisonomi

Fare thee well brave brothers
Commissioned to fight ghosts
In a war dedicated to the gods
With nothing indeed godly 

Sleep well dear comrades
Freshly plucked from the pride 
And sent to the infested gallows   
To feed the rotten cackle of the sambisa castle 

Rest in peace, valiant soldiers 
The pride of our peaceful motherland
Boldly sacrificed at the shameless alter 
Of a cracked nation without leadership 

Cry no more spouses of demise soldiers
Who our careless nation made widows 
Abandoned to always wait for good news 
When they were sent with a ticket of no return 

Weep not you children of our fallen warriors
Who never had a chance to say good bye 
To pappies stolen from you very young 
By evil men holding our nation on the balls 

Be consoled you parents of our military men
Who in pain instilled in them a noble patriotism 
Thinking to us offer the strong fruits of your womb 
To carry on the defence of a nation that once was 

We will not forget you secretly buried soldiers
Done away with in uncelebrated combats
And hushedly buried in graves unmarked 
To mask the failure our weak leadership 

My prayers for those still fighting the aliens 
With barehands and uncapped heads
While our leaders sleep in Abj in peace  
Leaving you in sambisa to rot in pieces

Alisonomi 2019©

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