Wednesday, 14 August 2019

Let me be once more a Child by Alisonomi

Credit : Rita Mestokosho Give me the footsteps of a child 
And I will run barefoot on the sand 
I will fill the sacred silent heartbeat 
And the quiet breathing of pachaman  

Give me the smile of a child
And I will seduce our brother sun 
To freely dwell in our village 
To end our silent anguish 

Give me the language of a child 
I will invite our sister moon 
And build her a protected habitat 
To resurrect our dashed dreams 

Give me the patience of a child 
I will transform our youths, by 
Reminding them of their childhood joy
To heal the wounds of their brutal falls 

Give me the gaiety of a child
I will build a society worthy of humans 
Where failure loose its poignant grips
And the joy of living resurges from the dark 

Give me the conviction of a child 
I will convey to all the broken-hearted 
The hope of a better tomorrow 
That brings peace and joy of living 

Give me the gaze of a child 
And I will boldly face the future 
To better enjoy the present moment  
Smiling at the errors of my yesterday 

Give me the audacity of a child 
I will live proudly without fear 
Of assuming my human identity 
Very vulnerable yet always human 

Alisonomi 2019©

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