Tuesday, 20 August 2019

Angels are also very Old by Alisonomi

We were very often told
That angels are always young
But there are also very old ones
Who now softly speaks sparingly
And buoyantly smile seductively

One hardly comprehends their wits
As they secretly speak to our hearts
Through the deep smiling gazes
Emanating from their iconic faces
Heavy with beautiful years of joy
And simply complicated experiences
That appear confident like on a marble 
For the youths, they have no love stories
But for the adults, it is indeed a secret
For their candid faces hide histories of the past
And untold love stories of their life as women 
As they are the true embodiments
Of numerous adventures and exploits
Divine and human gentle caresses
But also lost of beautiful loved ones
Their children, husbands and parents 
They are as a matter of fact the true witness
Of mythical and eternal passage of time
That secretly and mercilessly sculpt
Standing human beings like woods
Allowing tiny wrinkles and crinkles
To take sacred places of privilege
Showcasing deep and profound gazes
Caused by their varied life experiences
They are heterogenous libraries
Respecting no known artistic rules
To the eyes of an uninformed observer
Reason why they’re the true faces of angels
Informed but simply innocent
Because angels are also very old
Alisonomi 2019©

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