Saturday, 15 June 2019

Which Way Naija by Alisonomi

Monkey dey work while baboon dey chop 
But the leg wey dey too waka no know say
The eye wey dey too luk dey see am
Dem say everyday na for the thief 
But one day i go bi for the landlord 
For whatever climbs up go one day climb down 

Like how my pipu say na only fly wey no get adviser
Dey follow coffin go down for ground. And na only for ground 
We im go know say capital B difa from a cow’s footstep 

Come think of pipu wey no dey hear fiam? 
Like the govament for the side of river Naija
We dey bit im pikins and tell dem make dem no cry
Dem bi even say the youth na the future of tomorrow 
But how dem go bi the future of tomorrow 
If dem kwuma no even get today at all at all

Dem bi forget say any woman wey bring in
Ant infested firewood don beg lizard for work
Or shebi dem don forget the sayings of our elders?

Govament suppose be like the pelican bird
But our own be preying Peregrine Falcon 
Who may turn all of us to matriphagies 
Make somebori kuma remind them pipu pawaa! 
For na only sickness we dey kill a puppy 
Wey fit make am no hear shit smell! 

My pipu say no talk no talk na the problem of the mouth
But talk and talk no hear na the problem of the ears 
For when dem cut the head, the ears go follow am 
Make our leaders wise 
For nemesis na real 
And our youths no bi mugu!

Alisonomi 2019©

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