Friday, 7 June 2019

The Potter and the Fragile Pottery by Alisonomi

Man, a pottery in God’s hand
First thought then created 
Apparently from useless materials 
A wonderful final product  
Born beautifully fragile 
He grows strongly vulnerable 
Becoming the most intelligent animal

Every birthday is indeed sacred
A year short in a lifespan 
A matchstick spending itself 
In bid to satisfy the nature's call
Celebration of birth anniversary 
The joyful anticipation of one's death 
Years gained, years lost - human life 

I thank this wonderful potter
The maker of this fragile pottery
Endowed with infinite capacity 
Only animal described to be human
Homo sapiens and religiosus 
custodian and not a destroyer
Of this beautifully complex earth 

Alisonomi 2019©

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