Friday, 21 June 2019

The Black Child by Alisonomi

I’m the black child that is now Rising 
The young plant that was harshly uprooted
Very tender from its abode - the equatorial forest
I’m the young calf snatched from the savanna herd
The cockerel taken at its prime from the woodland roost 
The black eagle short down from the air of the Kalahari forest 

I’m the one made to sing in joy my soreness 
Forced to walk even when my little foot failed me
Together I journeyed packed with others like cargoes 
Black panthers, cockerels, cheetahs, eaglets, falconets
Together we were all forcefully uprooted from our habitats 
From our different African forests, low lands and river-lands 
Some from the equatorial and others from the Kalahari forest 

Packed without decorum under the belly of the sea 
Thirsty or hungry we traveled, yes we traveled 
And sometimes made to fight our brothers
Or even rape our own sisters, the amazons 
All to the glory of our heartless white raptors
Who in us saw nothing but simple commodities 
We were for them all that can be quantified 
Strong and valorous ones seen as golds 
Young and prime ladies to them were silvers 
There were also among us coppers
Yes, some were even like precious cobalts
The mineral that today power your technologies 
The warriors who in battles have proven their valors 
Those of them unfortunate enough to be capture like us
And who in chain with us traveled like cows were for them cobalts 

Under the belly of the sea we lost our bearings 
For though we already knew the vast space
It wasn’t unfortunately the type the sea to us offered 
It wasn’t the ones we observed from the top of baobab
The infinitive space we admired from the top of our iroko
Where like eagles we watched the village come alive 
With our virgin eyes we saw both kids and animal played 
As we perched on trees that the forest of Africa to us offered 
Those were stolen to be replaced by the belly of the ocean.

Alisonomi 2019©

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