Monday, 10 June 2019

No one survives the War by Alisonomi resounding clamour for war 
Asked to be enlightened more
They even knew not Biafra war 
A proof of an utmost ignorance 
That broke my long silence 

No one ever survives the war 
It is another name for death 
Some soldiers come back home 
And many hang their boots in the field
But they all die in the course of the war

Wars engender two species of the dead
We offer them young lads in their primes
In return we receive two brands of ghosts
The returning ghosts are the walking dead 
The falling eidolons the eternal resting dead 

No one has ever survived the war 
For the war feeds on the soldiers  
Invited to his unholy sanctuary 
He nibbles gently on their souls 
Giving the earth back the dead 
No one lives beyond the war 
For the war is the reign of death 
As no one lives who sees the face of God  
No one dines in the table of death and live
For the death is the lord of all the wars 

 Who benefits from our nonsense wars 
The returning soldiers are hunted by the dead
And the fallen ones are resting in eternal peace 
What is peace after the passage of death 
Maybe only death rejoices over the war 

Give us peace and take your wars
Withhold our peace and invite death 
No one has ever survived the war 
Ask the the few returnees who still breathe 
Shame unto you the vultures of the war 

Alisonomi 2019

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