Thursday, 27 June 2019

Make American Dream Great Again by Alisonomi

The American dream was once appealing 
When it was still the country of Uncle Sam 
Nott the kingdom of Ka the Appalling   
Tidily putting immigrants in situation of harm 

It accepted all that believed in no pain no gain  
Seduced people from every part of the earth 
Before the new war to make America great again 
Changed it to Golgotha and a journey of death 

Famous it was in welcoming strangers 
Like it was done to the founders of this great land  
Who were trying to survive from difficult dangers 
But saved by the real owners of this dreamland 

America was the elder brother we all knew
Helping those with difficulties to keep the pace 
Always doing all it can to keep our planet anew 
And creating a world of fairness and a safe space 

But the America of today is sadly not what it used to be  
As it once fought tooth and nail to keep the world alive 
Being the land of great leaders and not for a wannabe
Unlike today that America steals even our desire to survive
Alisonomi 2019©

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