Wednesday, 12 June 2019

Demon Crazy Day Celebration by Alisonomi we in a Democracy Day Celebration
When the masses are not in jubilation 
As they see no reason to celebrate 
A day we have no one to congratulate 

Why celebrate the Democracy Day
When the nation is in topsy-turvy today 
We rather celebrate our demon crazy 
To chase out what our president calls lazy 

Democracy is when the people govern 
And not when the youths are in oven 
Or the women kept in the other house 
While the cat romances the mouse 

Democracy is the govt of the people 
And not the assembly of the pimp 
As in the nations of the Niger area
Which is known today as Nigeria 

Democracy is the govt for the people 
Not a club only for the townspeople 
Like those in the big mansions of our cities 
Whose life knows not our usual paucities 

Democracy is for the betterment of a nation 
While we celebrate here the assassination 
Of our dreams and visions by the cabals 
Who feast on the nation like on plates of sambals 

Who can wake the spirit of our heroes past 
To scatter the vultures in our capitals amassed 
Who no longer think of our people today 
But still claim to celebrate a democracy Day

I will rather celebrate a Demon Crazy Day! 

Alisonomi 2019

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