Thursday, 27 June 2019

Make American Dream Great Again by Alisonomi

The American dream was once appealing 
When it was still the country of Uncle Sam 
Nott the kingdom of Ka the Appalling   
Tidily putting immigrants in situation of harm 

It accepted all that believed in no pain no gain  
Seduced people from every part of the earth 
Before the new war to make America great again 
Changed it to Golgotha and a journey of death 

Famous it was in welcoming strangers 
Like it was done to the founders of this great land  
Who were trying to survive from difficult dangers 
But saved by the real owners of this dreamland 

America was the elder brother we all knew
Helping those with difficulties to keep the pace 
Always doing all it can to keep our planet anew 
And creating a world of fairness and a safe space 

But the America of today is sadly not what it used to be  
As it once fought tooth and nail to keep the world alive 
Being the land of great leaders and not for a wannabe
Unlike today that America steals even our desire to survive
Alisonomi 2019©

Friday, 21 June 2019

The Black Child by Alisonomi

I’m the black child that is now Rising 
The young plant that was harshly uprooted
Very tender from its abode - the equatorial forest
I’m the young calf snatched from the savanna herd
The cockerel taken at its prime from the woodland roost 
The black eagle short down from the air of the Kalahari forest 

I’m the one made to sing in joy my soreness 
Forced to walk even when my little foot failed me
Together I journeyed packed with others like cargoes 
Black panthers, cockerels, cheetahs, eaglets, falconets
Together we were all forcefully uprooted from our habitats 
From our different African forests, low lands and river-lands 
Some from the equatorial and others from the Kalahari forest 

Packed without decorum under the belly of the sea 
Thirsty or hungry we traveled, yes we traveled 
And sometimes made to fight our brothers
Or even rape our own sisters, the amazons 
All to the glory of our heartless white raptors
Who in us saw nothing but simple commodities 
We were for them all that can be quantified 
Strong and valorous ones seen as golds 
Young and prime ladies to them were silvers 
There were also among us coppers
Yes, some were even like precious cobalts
The mineral that today power your technologies 
The warriors who in battles have proven their valors 
Those of them unfortunate enough to be capture like us
And who in chain with us traveled like cows were for them cobalts 

Under the belly of the sea we lost our bearings 
For though we already knew the vast space
It wasn’t unfortunately the type the sea to us offered 
It wasn’t the ones we observed from the top of baobab
The infinitive space we admired from the top of our iroko
Where like eagles we watched the village come alive 
With our virgin eyes we saw both kids and animal played 
As we perched on trees that the forest of Africa to us offered 
Those were stolen to be replaced by the belly of the ocean.

Alisonomi 2019©

Saturday, 15 June 2019

Which Way Naija by Alisonomi

Monkey dey work while baboon dey chop 
But the leg wey dey too waka no know say
The eye wey dey too luk dey see am
Dem say everyday na for the thief 
But one day i go bi for the landlord 
For whatever climbs up go one day climb down 

Like how my pipu say na only fly wey no get adviser
Dey follow coffin go down for ground. And na only for ground 
We im go know say capital B difa from a cow’s footstep 

Come think of pipu wey no dey hear fiam? 
Like the govament for the side of river Naija
We dey bit im pikins and tell dem make dem no cry
Dem bi even say the youth na the future of tomorrow 
But how dem go bi the future of tomorrow 
If dem kwuma no even get today at all at all

Dem bi forget say any woman wey bring in
Ant infested firewood don beg lizard for work
Or shebi dem don forget the sayings of our elders?

Govament suppose be like the pelican bird
But our own be preying Peregrine Falcon 
Who may turn all of us to matriphagies 
Make somebori kuma remind them pipu pawaa! 
For na only sickness we dey kill a puppy 
Wey fit make am no hear shit smell! 

My pipu say no talk no talk na the problem of the mouth
But talk and talk no hear na the problem of the ears 
For when dem cut the head, the ears go follow am 
Make our leaders wise 
For nemesis na real 
And our youths no bi mugu!

Alisonomi 2019©

Wednesday, 12 June 2019

Demon Crazy Day Celebration by Alisonomi we in a Democracy Day Celebration
When the masses are not in jubilation 
As they see no reason to celebrate 
A day we have no one to congratulate 

Why celebrate the Democracy Day
When the nation is in topsy-turvy today 
We rather celebrate our demon crazy 
To chase out what our president calls lazy 

Democracy is when the people govern 
And not when the youths are in oven 
Or the women kept in the other house 
While the cat romances the mouse 

Democracy is the govt of the people 
And not the assembly of the pimp 
As in the nations of the Niger area
Which is known today as Nigeria 

Democracy is the govt for the people 
Not a club only for the townspeople 
Like those in the big mansions of our cities 
Whose life knows not our usual paucities 

Democracy is for the betterment of a nation 
While we celebrate here the assassination 
Of our dreams and visions by the cabals 
Who feast on the nation like on plates of sambals 

Who can wake the spirit of our heroes past 
To scatter the vultures in our capitals amassed 
Who no longer think of our people today 
But still claim to celebrate a democracy Day

I will rather celebrate a Demon Crazy Day! 

Alisonomi 2019

Monday, 10 June 2019

No one survives the War by Alisonomi resounding clamour for war 
Asked to be enlightened more
They even knew not Biafra war 
A proof of an utmost ignorance 
That broke my long silence 

No one ever survives the war 
It is another name for death 
Some soldiers come back home 
And many hang their boots in the field
But they all die in the course of the war

Wars engender two species of the dead
We offer them young lads in their primes
In return we receive two brands of ghosts
The returning ghosts are the walking dead 
The falling eidolons the eternal resting dead 

No one has ever survived the war 
For the war feeds on the soldiers  
Invited to his unholy sanctuary 
He nibbles gently on their souls 
Giving the earth back the dead 
No one lives beyond the war 
For the war is the reign of death 
As no one lives who sees the face of God  
No one dines in the table of death and live
For the death is the lord of all the wars 

 Who benefits from our nonsense wars 
The returning soldiers are hunted by the dead
And the fallen ones are resting in eternal peace 
What is peace after the passage of death 
Maybe only death rejoices over the war 

Give us peace and take your wars
Withhold our peace and invite death 
No one has ever survived the war 
Ask the the few returnees who still breathe 
Shame unto you the vultures of the war 

Alisonomi 2019

Friday, 7 June 2019

The Potter and the Fragile Pottery by Alisonomi

Man, a pottery in God’s hand
First thought then created 
Apparently from useless materials 
A wonderful final product  
Born beautifully fragile 
He grows strongly vulnerable 
Becoming the most intelligent animal

Every birthday is indeed sacred
A year short in a lifespan 
A matchstick spending itself 
In bid to satisfy the nature's call
Celebration of birth anniversary 
The joyful anticipation of one's death 
Years gained, years lost - human life 

I thank this wonderful potter
The maker of this fragile pottery
Endowed with infinite capacity 
Only animal described to be human
Homo sapiens and religiosus 
custodian and not a destroyer
Of this beautifully complex earth 

Alisonomi 2019©

Sunday, 2 June 2019

Une Église en moment d’engendrement

Nous sommes une Église en germe d’engendrement 
Où les paroisses sont de plus en plus vidées 
Les bâtiments accueillent des moineaux 
Les cathédrales converties en musées d’histoire 
Les presbytères en auberges de jeunesse 

Nous sommes des paroisses en germe d’engendrement
Où les choristes sont bien endormis 
Beaucoup de curés déjà en hospices 
Les conseils paroissiaux hypnotisés  
Les équipes pastorales en vacances

Nous sommes une assemblée en germe d’engendrement
Où la messe n’attire plus les jeunes
Qui se sentent oublier dans sa forme
Avec ses chants en forme d’éloge funébre   
Et la célébration fort mélancolique 

Nous sommes une communauté en germe d’engendrement
Où Dieu nous appelle à mourir 
Pas comme dans des charcuteries  
Mais des bons grains en semis 
Pour être des germes d’engendrement  

Nous sommes des missionnaires en germe d’engendrement
Où Jésus nous appelle en Galilée 
Pour d’abord dépasser nos peurs
Et écouter ce que nous dit l’Esprit 
Qui renouvelle l’Église en germe d’engendrement

Alisonomi 2019©