Saturday, 18 May 2019

Yes We Love Thee, So We Mourn by Alisonomi

Photo Credit : Dr Funke BaffourSuicide is no option I once strongly thought 
For thus the society made the me that I’m today
But what a devil mean an option for a tormented soul?  

Suicide is only for the weak I went around singing 
Lucky to have not gazed at the eyes of mi(on)ster death 
Or walked in the gnarly paths of they that shared his meal 

Suicide is for the “unspiritual” I heard preachers blast
Till me too had to preach at the funeral of youths once with vision
And who wanted nothing more than to savour their little life in peace

But so was my ego carved by my formation and background 
Detesting they that the unfortunate road reluctantly trudged in chill 
For why should one ever even think of exchange hands with seppuku  

Till I had to face the question that exposed my comfort zone 
When a city that me adopted faced the unfortunate dance 
That entails the damned kicking of buckets and felo de se

At the beginning, I went, as usual, on my knees my pray to say 
Scavenging for the words that my grand mother instilled on me
As religion has an answers to all in the land that me beget
But as the unfortunate and lethal game continues to unfold
I sorted to angst - the primitive emotion of every human folk 
Hating they that joined the dance or let lose the dangling rope  

Till the day I had a call that changed my look on that sepulchral game
When someone on the beauty but beastly bait of the monster 
Broke the jinx and made a reach that rarely to them occurs

The indirect tête-à-tête that thus ensued on that fortunate night  
Brought me to the hall of shame that since childhood me hate 
And there I saw the hanging boots of every brave players passed 

Luckily today, the one that made that last fortunate call 
Walks around with gaiety among the breathing folks
And I’m lucky for I can now give a face to the victims of suicide   

For they are not the weakest among we that populate the mother earth 
Nay, some gather few nerves for it takes adrenaline to jump the damned cord 
But it’s still better to keep on swimming against the tide than to jump the rope 

For though often they think to us, have saved the pains and shame 
They also do forget that they jump with our common history and love too
And though they expose the lassitude of humankind, we mourn, yes we mourn!

Sleep on dear comrades that opt for the shortcut  
Though it is selfish to outsmart the rest of the gang 
But just know you made a wrong call but we still love thee, yes we love thee

Alisonomi, 2019©

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