Saturday, 4 May 2019

The Black Time has Come (II) by Alisonomi time for the rise of the black Child 
Proudly born in the heart of Africa
Sharing space with sun, moon and star 
Learning her history under the Iroko and Baobab 
With tales and folklores told under the moonlight
Running about with other kids in the courtyard 
Or trotting in the village like fawns in summer days

Growing  up she learnt to respect the ancestors creed 
That from the ages « I am because we are and vice-versa»
And taught from the tender age to hunt like a lioness 
To be assured that the pride and coalition survive and thrive
Very early she knew not to take an innocent life of any kind 
For the land and the trees are always witness of all she did
And with gentility or hostility will treat her for all her actions 

She grew up fighting to be an unblemished charcoal 
As the black is the greatest of all the colours that be
Revered by legends and served men at the early days  
And helps her to beat the scars and burns of the Sun
At the commencement of our human existence, she knew 
Black was the oldest and the most respected of all the colours 
As the gods and nobles claimed it as their mode of appearance

For the Egyptians, black symbolized Nut, the great goddess of sky 
Who swallows the old Sun at night and delivers a new one at dawn 
A mythology that symbolizes a journey that transforms life 
For the Greeks too, black symbolized the goddess of the old
Melantho, the Greek goddess identified with the fertile earth 
Reasons why the black child was taught to be proud herself
And should move without prejudice and dishonour to her dark skin

(Watch out for part III)

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