Friday, 31 May 2019

In Biafra, Gods Died by Alisonomi

Biafra, a land where gods died
When a nation who asked for liberty 
Got a response that really turned shitty
Becoming today a realty that we can’t hide 

A land where gods who once ate rams
Were offered crying babies as sacrificial lambs
When the survival of all was the only option 
Which the tribal gods offered in prescription 

Forced to abandoned their weak offspring
Biafrans became the modern grains of the spring 
Who to germinate must first give up even themselves 
Or see themselves eaten up or abandoned in shelves

Biafra, a nation where gods took long vacation 
As the worshipers embarked on an abdication 
Abandoning quickly the sacred alter of reason
When inter-ethnic relationships became frozen 
Biafra, a country that wanted nothing but to be 
And not sweet flowers sucked by others like bee
A sacrificial pelican bird whose maternal instinct 
Is guide by the desire to arrest the offspring’s extinct 

In Biafra gods forgot to answer prayers 
When humanity suddenly became betrayers 
And at the watch of our civilized world 
The story of our people nastily twirled 

In Biafra God took some reasonable distance 
Watching the national army crush Biafra in silence
With devilish war tactics of hunger and thirsty 
They killed us in millions with sacred amnesty 

In Biafra God proved not to be a police sergeant 
Sent to keep peace or stop armed insurgent 
And though he wasn’t absent by hatred 
He was not also our human kindred 

In Biafra forgiveness and reconciliation lost their true sense 
As our mocking silence over the civil war pierces like an incense
And our multifarious nations pretend like praying mantises 
While many youth speak of the war like romantic poetesses

Alisonomi 2019©

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