Thursday, 2 May 2019

Caster Semenya, The Sacrificial Lamb from the African Herd by Alisonomi

Death to discrimination in all sports we all once cried 
Till the I.A.A.F proved that all animals are not equal 
By crucifying Caster Semenya on the cross of racial discrepancy 
And to the alter of genre inequality offered the African daughter 

With human and animal experts involved in fighting drug abuse
One would expect that drug will never be prescribed to an athlete 
But Semenya's identity and place of origin have shown the contrary 
For they bluntly checkmated her with dexterity and much ruse 

Their argument being the infamous natural privilege 
But no one cares of the socially underprivileged 
Nor those who have well known economic advantages 
Or still the continent of continuous talent pillage 

Who cares that the athletes from the northern hemisphere 
Enjoy a particular privilege of facilities and professional training
While their southern contemporaries do with little or no trainers  
But privilege seems inapplicable when it suits the northern princes

The marathon gazelles of African origin are not really privileged 
While they remain the fat dairy cows for the Westen athletic clubs 
Bringing uncountable medals for their federation and national ego
But who cares of the underprivileged athletes from the other spheres?  

Semenya Caster is today the sacrificial lamb from the african herd
And also a prove that women still remain at the mercy of old men
If not, those with extraordinary privileges should run with robots
As long as they are neither from the north nor non women athletes

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