Tuesday, 28 May 2019

A Paean to one of the unsung Heroes

This is a paean to my unsung hero 
Which I cannot write with a biro 
For it is too sacred to pen down 
The story of a hero with no crown 

My hero fought no national war 
Nor his fame from lots of tour 
But he is a hero not to overlook  
For the lots of risks for us he took 

Born and brought up in hardship 
In a society with zero sponsorship 
He solitarily beat destiny to trance 
Halting our own hardship in advance 

Not too learned for today’s standard 
But enough to have our life empowered 
And was for his generation educated
As their school system wasn’t complicated

It was still at the arrival of the white men 
When formal education wasn’t open to women 
In villages where two balls determined all
And yet no feminists to alter their call 

With a sick mother and old father in his care 
He took the bull by the horn without scare 
And combining school with house chores 
He even came out victorious like a matador

As the pride of their single-child household 
To him laid the duty to write their story yet untold 
Stories no one will read in the novels or journals 
In a society that ignores heroes not in the annals 

But today, I have to inscribe it in a poem 
Though I would have wanted it as a hymn 
To be sung to they who today loose hope 
Waiting lackadaisically everyday like a mope 

Or they that think the society is hopeless 
As if it just shortly turned meaningless 
When our heroes past faced the combats 
With barehands and often in acrobats

Alisonomi 2019©

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