Monday, 8 April 2019

Mariage was easier in the past : That’s a Myth by Alisonomi

In the days of our grand parents, no girl cared which man she married 
As long as the dude really came, enough palm wine and Kola carried 
At that time, not knowing the husband-to-be was not for them a setback 
Even if the man was old, ignorant and even had a serious hunch back 
Because for them marriage was nothing but the only better way forward 
And girls from their childhood were made to, always to it, look onward 

But these days, for all the young girls out there, I have a bad news 
But don’t fidget for I’m sure this will without doubt your heart renew 
The truth is that mariage must not be like in the days of our grannies
When whoever got married, seriously taught to have won Grammies 
No, it is time to accept it that marriage is surely not a do or die affair
So, do not silently pretend or die in a relationship that to you is unfair 

I honestly pray that you do not, in anyway, get me wrong 
For my faith in marriage, I publicly confirm to you is strong 
But, I seriously do not want, any of my dear friends, on it tangled 
For many have recently in the pass found themselves by it strangled
And since I am convinced that I can something, without bias, on it say
As I see that nowadays many of our young lads think it is only but a play 

You might tell me our grannies on it looked really happy 
But life in our days, I am sorry to say, is far much snappy 
And they never even really had to struggle about school
Unlike in our days where life without school is no longer cool 
You might also say that they even had so many mouth to feed 
But they never had the issue of reading their kids Facebook feeds 

I will comprehend if at all you do not fully understand what me say
But, please, take time to ask some parents, on that, how much they pay 
Or how many days of sleepless nights, for them, your mistakes cause
And how a big chunk of their dear life, your adventure seldom gnaws
But you rather want to have them liked by that your Facebook friend 
Because you don’t yet, the consequences of your actions, comprehend 

So when you think of mariage, think not just who can, on your table, put food
But especially of how in years to come you will appreciate your own mood 
Now as they regularly troop in with their different promises of this or that fun
Please, think first that mariage is also often about a good shoulder to lean on
And not always about what the guy possess or which car he taunt you with 
For mariage is really an engagement that changes your life, not just a myth

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