Monday, 26 November 2018

Give us Barabbas - The Trouble Maker (John 18:33-40) - Alisonomi

Are you the King of the Jews? 
Asked the exasperated Pilate to Jesus
For in his appearance was nothing of royalty 
And so deserved no time of the romain officer

Is that your own idea or that of my compatriots
Asked the intrepid and undaunted Jesus to Pilate
Of coursed I’m not blind to take you for any king
Remarked unflinchingly the roman representative  
But what crime did you commit, you poor fellow
Why are your brothers and sisters forcing you on me
Why against you teamed up even the religious leaders 
What type of King do they say you really are 

Of course replied Jesus, my Kingdom is of another type
And it is, actually, neither in this world nor of this world 
For if not so, my subjects would have surely intervened  
But my kingdom is not from here but from another place

So you are a King then, exclaimed Pilate
You said that I am a king, replicated Jesus
But for me, I was born to testify to the truth
And everyone on the side of the truth listens 

What is the Truth retorted the sceptic roman officer 
But the queer Jew had no clue as to why the sceptism 
Which infuriated all the more, Pilate, the roman officer 
And to the Jews he registered the craziness of this ordeal 

Listen to me, you subjects of Rome in Jerusalem
I find absolutely nothing incriminating against this man 
But according to the custom, in Passover time, a prisoner is released
Should I then release to you this your self-proclaimed King of the Jews? 

But his compatriots to fulfilled the scriptures 
Which prophesied the rejection of the son man
Shouted in a unanimous voice to Pilate
Not him, not him ! Give us Barabbas - the trouble maker
— Thus spoke Jesustraphilia 

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