Tuesday, 25 September 2018

Quand Le Nord Appelle - Alisonomi

Tshiuetin dans la gare de Sep-Îles Quand le nord appelle
On prend la direction
De la ville du Nord
À bord d’un train nordic
Qui s’appelle Tshiuetin
Tshiuetin le vent du Nord

Quand le Nord appelle
Toute la pensée se tourne
Le mouvement aussi vers le Nord
Et tôt le matin on avance
En écoutant le vent du Nord
Car il est l’ainé de ses frères

Quand le Nord appelle
On salue Mamit l’Est
Le lieu du soleil levant
Et embrasse Tshiuetin
Le vent du Nord
Pour rejoindre les innuat du Nord
Quand le Nord appelle
On prend congé de akua-nutin
Se retirant du soleil couchant
Pour embrasser la tranquillité
Une tranquillité de nutshimit
Ce lieu sacré de nitassinan

Quand le Nord appelle
On se rend à Schefferville
En abandonnant tout derrière
Pour faire une expérience fascinante
Et on retourne sur ce lieu magique
Car l’amour du Nord est charmant
Ali C. Nnaemeka (mekaalison@gmail.com) ''The truth might be hard to say, painful to bear or even drastic for the truth sayer but still needed to be said''. ALISON.

Friday, 21 September 2018

The Kola Nuts Among The Igbo - Alisonomi

The breaking of Kola nuts 
Among the Igbo is a ritual
And some of its principles crucial 

It doesn’t speak foreign languages
Says of the Kola nut among the Igbo
And so should always be blessed in Igbo

In every gathering of this nation
There should absolutely be a Kola nut
No matter what or who comes fort

It is really, they say
That who brings Kola nut, brings life
Even though they often cut it with knife. 

Kola nut is even offered to a stranger
And its need, absolutely stronger 
When a friend calls in the house

Any failure to offer a Kola nut to a guest 
Is for this tribe indeed a serious insult
But that's when the guest is an adult 

Because of its position in the society 
the Kola nut is treated with piety  
And shared according to ages

Tuesday, 18 September 2018

Priests Are Also Human - Alisonomi

Priesthood is a vocation
And not in anyway a career
Some admire it but do not have the call
Others become it, though, so it oughtn’t have been
But always bear in mind that priests are all human.

Sometimes, priests are thought to be extraordinary
But as human beings, they are nothing but ordinary.
For food and all bodily desires, priests as well hunger
And can likewise be dominated when these needs call
Just because priests are also, like everybody, human.

What could distinguish some though
Is their consciousness of the human weaknesses
And the wise among them turn to God in prayers
Looking for him in places of quietness and solitude
Knowing well that as priests they are as well human