Sunday, 11 March 2018

Man is an Enigma

Present and distance
Man is a project, says Zarathustra,
For he is something to overcome. 
But I am a dilemma,
For an embodiment of contradictions, I am. 

Though Pauline in soul I might be,
My spirit is an ardent lover of Nietzsche. 
Docile like a dove,
But as rebellious as a quetzal. 

And even when I can love like a dove,
I prefer, like an eagle, to float in the air in complete liberty. 
And, when like a bird, circumstances try to cage me,
I remind myself that even in the cage, birds can sing. 

I love the company of my fellow humans,
But my spirit often choses a total solitude.
Among you, my inner being recognises his essence,
But alone, my spirit scouts for what he adores most –  the knowledge.  

That is why I am like a monk in the city,
Once in my internal monastry, my soul longs for the outside world.
But once I am out in the world,
My spirit aspires for his most cherished silence.  

Brief, I think I know myself,
But I am totally unaware of the limit of my existence. 
And ask me not what I wanted to say,
For the moment I understand what I intended, my spirit desires something else. 

In fact, I believe I am not just a dilemma,
For I have just come to acknowledge that enigma should have been the right word. 

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