Friday, 23 March 2018

Les enfants de l’école Kanatamat par Alisonomi

Lac KnobSuivre les enfants de l'école Kanatamat,

C’est comme suivre le cours des Maths

Parce qu'il faut la connaissance des règles de base

Pour oser vraiment franchir la première phase.

Cette école au cœur de la nature,

Forme les enfants amoureux de l’aventure

Et comme dans les Maths il faut connaître les formulaires,

Ces enfants connaissent bien la nature comme un dictionnaire

Pour cela ils affrontent la nature sans aucune crainte de froid

Traversant avec joie le lac, tels Caribous sans poids

Mais pas comme Jésus le fît même face au vent

Car ils sont au village où le froid a les dents

Et en hiver le froid attrape les lacs,

Leur permettant d'y marcher même avec leur sac

En allant vers le nuitshimit - l'intérieur de la terre

Là où les ainés ont appris le respect de la terre mère

Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Schefferville, cette ville du Nord by Alisonomi

DSC_0738Vous n'aimez pas encore assez le Nord, mes chers,

Si vous n'êtes pas encore allé à la ville de Scheffer

Certains l’appellent juste Schefferville

Mais cet endroit n'est pas qu’une ville.

Schefferville est toute une histoire,

Car c'est une ville qu'il faut, avant de mourir, voir,

Elle est née autours de la mine

Et continue de grandir même si la mine décline. 

Elle fut une très grande ville à d'autres temps

Et intéressait même le gouvernent autant

Car de là coulait beaucoup d'argent

Qui attirait aussi beaucoup de gens

Mais où en sommes-nous aujourd’hui?

Que Schefferville ne fait plus beaucoup de bruit,

Les Naskapis, dans leur coin, se sont déjà installés

Et beaucoup d'autres gens s'en sont aussi déjà allés

DSC_0960Pourtant la ville de Scheffer continue toujours à résister

Indépendamment de qui et qui s'y sont désistés. 

Car ce territoire est au cœur de la nature

Et ses habitants désormais aiment beaucoup l'aventure

Ses lacs et ses collines sont vraiment à voir

Et vous n'aurez qu'à la visiter pour y croire 

Mais n'y venez que si vous aimez le nord

Car tout à Schefferville est vraiment fait en fort

Pour comprendre pourquoi j'en parle avec autant d'intensité

Il faudra le penser dans toute sa nordicité

Car Schefferville n'est pas seulement une ville du nord

Mais le village des gens très braves et forts


Saturday, 17 March 2018

Un Matin d'Hiver au Nord par Ali Nnaemeka, o.m.i

DSC_0954Dans un matin d’hiver au Nord,

Les esprits hybrides comme le mien,

Amoureux d’hiver même étant d’un pays du soleil,

Se réveille avec un baume au cœur. 

Tels matins nous enivrent d’amour,

Très bien ensoleillés, mais adouci par l’hiver du Nord.

Quels matins magiques sont-ils ,

Que le cœur ne sait pas à quel dieu vouer son amour.

À l’esprit d’hiver, celui qui adouci la terre,

En habillant la terre mère avec ses vêtements blancs?

Ou doit-il crier sa louange à l’esprit de pishimu - le soleil,

Lui, qui fidèle à lui-même ne cesse de nous sourire?

Celui qui avant même la naissance de notre terre mère,

A appris à s’occuper de l’univers lorsque dort notre sœur la lune.

Celle qui caresse les arbres lorsque nous dormons,

Et qui nous envoie les rêves pour agrémenter notre sommeil.

Il n’y a que cette sœur de l’humanité qui peut illuminer sans rien bruler,

C’est elle est la douceur incarnée qui habite là-haut.

D’où elle lance son cri silencieux aux animaux nocturnes,

Qui chaque matin sont envoyés à leur cachette par le soleil.

Sunday, 11 March 2018

Man is an Enigma

Present and distance
Man is a project, says Zarathustra,
For he is something to overcome. 
But I am a dilemma,
For an embodiment of contradictions, I am. 

Though Pauline in soul I might be,
My spirit is an ardent lover of Nietzsche. 
Docile like a dove,
But as rebellious as a quetzal. 

And even when I can love like a dove,
I prefer, like an eagle, to float in the air in complete liberty. 
And, when like a bird, circumstances try to cage me,
I remind myself that even in the cage, birds can sing. 

I love the company of my fellow humans,
But my spirit often choses a total solitude.
Among you, my inner being recognises his essence,
But alone, my spirit scouts for what he adores most –  the knowledge.  

That is why I am like a monk in the city,
Once in my internal monastry, my soul longs for the outside world.
But once I am out in the world,
My spirit aspires for his most cherished silence.  

Brief, I think I know myself,
But I am totally unaware of the limit of my existence. 
And ask me not what I wanted to say,
For the moment I understand what I intended, my spirit desires something else. 

In fact, I believe I am not just a dilemma,
For I have just come to acknowledge that enigma should have been the right word. 

Friday, 9 March 2018

The Problem with Nigeria–Women emancipation as the beginning of a Countercultural revolution

You were told in the book of the ages that thou (women) should keep silent because thou aren’t permitted to speak in the assemblies, but ought to be in submission. And that if there is anything thou desire to learn, thou should ask thy husbands at home. For it is shameful for a woman to speak in the assemblies. But I say to thee, never thou keep silent, not even in the assemblies but thou should cry out loud, and if there is anything men wish to know, let them ask thee in the public.

Women freedpmWomen have always been from the ab initio indexed. In the history of the creation, it was said that she was created with one of Adam’s ribs. And to mask the situation, the hagiographers made Adam cry out, “This is now bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh; she shall be called ‘woman’, for she was taken out of the man.” In this very culture, the woman was just but a helper necessary to the man who couldn’t find any suitable helper among the animals. Lucky enough that we have learned not to read the Bible literary for it would have been a scandal to have a creator who sees nothing important in the creation of woman other than to satisfy the ingrate Adam.

In Ancient Greece, the situation was not better. The opposing stands of Aristotle and Plato are good examples of that. At the morning of the Athenian philosophical culture, women had not yet crawled out of the cave which the Hebrew and other ancient cultures had caged them. They had no right to authority and could not even attend formal education. Unfortunately, at the demise of Plato, Aristotle, one of the greatest thinkers ever lived, fall into the trap of his own combat. He denied the women the right to formal education placing them not far from the slaves. He closed his eyes to the teaching of his predecessor, Plato according to whom, if well-educated, women should be among the philosopher kings (Queens). And even though there have always been very important women philosophers, as early as the time of Socrates, their memory remained in the background when not in oblivion.

Thursday, 1 March 2018

The Problem with Nigeria–Sexual Education as a Countercultural Revolution

Do not suppose that I have come to flatter the ego of your preachers. I did not come to promote their trade but to ask you to question their words. I have come to turn the acolytes against the deacons, the Christian mothers against the elders, the choristers against the choirmaster, and the ushers against the general overseers. For the hour has come when the enemies of the pastors and parish priests will be their own parishioners.”

Let's talk SexIn my last publication, I argued that for Nigeria to undergo a necessary countercultural revolution, Nigerians should start by killing the father figure that holds the youths back from becoming adults. I concluded with this prophecy: “lo, I teach you the Oedipus: he is that father killer, the ideal counterculture hero that you lack most. But hope not that he has come to marry his mum, for she is the next target on his list.” But I will suspend the chronology of Oedipus list to address a situation that makes my heart to bleed.

There is a video in circulation on the social media these days. In that video, a woman said to have been accused of witchcraft is being assaulted openly. In that video, like in many other ones, the youths, do not hesitate to undress the poor woman. And that is just one of those many videos where Nigerian men and women are openly undressed at the admiration of the public. The question that comes to my mind whenever I see such horrible sights is why do Nigerians like naked people? Which of our irrational senses is being resurrected before such sights? Brief, why do we admire with passion scenes that every civilised society detest with horror?