Friday, 22 September 2017

MY MALAWI DIARY (I) by Fr Kelvin Ugwuh, MSP

«  If Everything Is So Smooth, Check If You Are Truly On the Right Path. »  
                                                                                        - Fr Kelvin Ugwuh, MSP
Curiosity did not allow me sleep in the plane. I kept looking down through the window of the plane to see the places we are traversing. Then we got to a certain place, I looked down and saw nothing but the colour 'brown'. I felt like, that must be the portion of land called desert in which it is usually difficult for animals or humans to survive since it is dry without water. It was just then, the Pilot announced, "We are now In Malawi; fastened your seat beat. . ." At that point, myself looked at myself and they were both speechless. This was in October 2016.
There was that one voice that kept telling me, "If not foolishness, what else could make a young fine boy like you to desire to be a missionary priest; so that he will come and die in the desert?  Good for you. Ntooo!!!"
There was yet another voice telling me, "It is not late to go back. Remember your father just died, your mother needs you. You are her first fruit. It is not God that is sending you here. Can't you see the place, who can survive here?
When we landed, I got my hand luggage and walked through the door of the Ethiopia airplane I boarded. The dry hot air that welcomed me said it all. It dawned on me that I am really in Malawi.
There was that small voice that kept urging me on, "If it is not hard, then it does not worth it. If it is not difficult, then it won't be sweet. If everything is smooth, then you are on the wrong path."
The reality of life is such that, when you are beginning anything, especially when it is something of great value, there will be so many things to discourage you. And there will be that voice giving you all the many reasons not to continue. 
I know some friends who had this burning desire to support the poor and the orphans even here in Malawi, but anytime they come up with a plan, that is when they will remember all other things that their money should have been used for. This is why I praise Nnamdi Amadi and his friends who even in their little saw the need to do something. (I will write about that subsequently).
Be it business, be it school, be it charity, be it vocation, or whatever you intend beginning, always bear in mind, If everything is smooth, check if you are still on the right path.
Today in Malawi, I can tell you this, I have thousands who look up to me for both spiritual and material needs. We have become one big happy family such that I can't even think of leaving them now. The little we have we share. The simpler your life is, the happier you are.
To be continued. . .

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