Sunday, 25 October 2015

I heard, I read, I went, I saw and I now believe in IIT-Lagos

IMG_4265Have you heard about The Institute for Industrial Technology (IIT) Lagos? I never did till some months ago. In one of our forums, I heard from a good friend and brother of a centre located in Lagos where young engineers are formed in a very short period of time. I thought it was one of the make-believe centres where guys are assembled to learn how to make pure water and the related stuffs. I only picked interest because I have a strong believe in the brother in question. More enquiries gave me an access to their website - - which I also found really impressing. Knowing what commercials could look like, my critical thinking mind made me doubt all I had heard and what I was able to read online not minding they were both edifying. I just needed more reasons to believe. IMG_4229

My primary preoccupation was how to wait till my next trip back to Nigeria to confirm what my ears have heard and all my eyes had read. And forced to anticipate my home visit by  the funeral of my mum, I used the opportunity to visit this important centre of youth formation.

Dropping of at Opic Bus Stop in Lagos, I was afraid my doubt were to be true as I could not see any reason to believe such a nice school existed in the environs. Picking a bike from the wrong side of the road, I started what I thought was a cross country. If not for such places like Channel House situated along the area, I was at the point of thinking that the bike guy was taking me to somewhere else. And at last, we arrived to a place very quiet that, if not for the sign post, I was almost asking if I were not at the wrong place.

My doubt, started going away already by the standard of reception I was accorded.  And by the time I started having a tour of their laboratories and workshops I was already at the point of wishing to move back the hands of clock so as to be of the age of attending such a wonderful institution. What surprised me most was not just the amount of equipment at the laboratories and workshops but the way they were cared for. Each equipment fitted well in its respective position that you were like no one ever touched them since they were bought. In a nutshell, the amount of orderliness in that school is unusual for average Nigerian Schools. 

A look at the classroom activities shows you what excellency is all about: few students around a young and vibrant engineering lecturer, adequate and modern teaching facilities and well nurtured young Nigerians preparing to invade the labour market with innovations built on healthy ethics.

The rest of the staffs, move about with such powerful mannerisms that could make you doff your cap for them without knowing it. Brief, IIT Lagos is just a school where excellency is fabricated in technological laboratories. 

Ali C. Nnaemeka, OMI

Saturday, 24 October 2015

A Funeral Oration read by Ali C. Nnaemeka, OMI, at the Burial of Mrs Theresa Mamah

The love of my life has gone to join the Lord

Engraved in my heart is, and will forever be, that night I received the news of your sudden and solemn demise. It sounded like a joke, nay, like an expensive prank. It first stroke me like a thunderstorm and like a child I was so confused that I could not imagine what language I was hearing. It was only when my elder brother took over the phone to confirm the sad news that I knew the issue was too expensive to be a joke.
Paralysed on my sit, I was so bemused that I did not know if I was to smile or to wail. I was then eagerly wishing it to be a dream. But as time wore on, it dawns on me that The Love of My Life Has Forever Gone to the Land Where We Never Grow Old.
Maman, you would of course not want us to grieve over your early departure, but who in our situation will remain indifferent? Who can bear the loss of an icon like you and feel unperturbed? Who will henceforth be that exemplary mother, granny, sister, aunty etc. you were onwards? Surely, you are not leaving us alone, but you will forever remain not only irreplaceable but also unforgettable.
You know that the moment I cherish most in life has always been the time of holidays, and not just because it is holiday, but because you were always there with that your welcoming, hearty and lovely smile. You were never taken unaware as you were always ready to welcome each one of us with our favourite dishes. And with that your lovely and expressive look you would always ask if we were really satisfied?
Maman, we will forever miss your personal and impartial relationship with each one of us. This has been proven by your meticulous personal relationship with each one of us which made it impossible to say who your favourite was. You were a mother who would chastise the child with her right hand and console at the same time with the left hand.
Your grandchildren were always more at ease with you than their biological mothers. Discreetly they would snub their mums at a tender age to stay close to you.
You were a source of inspiration to all those who knew you and to those in moment of difficulty a comforting voice. Maman, if not for our faith in the resurrection, our world would have been said to have fallen apart.
And, even though I am convinced that all hope has not been lost, I know that one thing will never ever be the same. My name Nnaemeka (The father (God) has done well) that only you brought to life whenever you called it will forever loose that affection.  
Ladode (Farewell) Maman Bene! You are now our ambassador! 
 Fr Nnaemeka, OMI
(7th child)