Monday, 27 July 2015

Is The Gay Right in Africa, Worth The Attention that demands Obama and the Western Media?

Everybody is now twitting, facebooking, blogging and posting on the discussion between Obama and Uhuru Kenyata on gay rights. Yes it is making headlines and the media house and others will continue to analyse it, rebroadcast it, repost retweet it, review it and even telecast. They will conduct interviews on it, make a round table discussion, conduct forums on it, modify their journal contents to include the issue, columnist will twist it, satirists will ridicule it, comedians will entertain their audience with the topic and all those with imperialistic tendencies and superiority complex look find reasons to insult Africans as being primitives, non progressive, non democratic, poor, inhuman and non tole rants. Philanthropist and donors will find reasons to remind Africans how they love because of their aids etc.
No one talks any longer of how, Kenya, this country called the fief of terrorists was able to stop all their activities to welcome President Obama. No one cares to know how many people were mobilise to make this visit a success. It does no longer matter to anyone on how many Kenyan had to discomfort themselves to make sure The American President feels at home in the land of his fathers. 
Yes, Africa has become intolerant because we think in our priorities their are more pressing issues? We have become so backward and primitive because we do not accept to fast forward our cultural evolution. 
Who is really fooling who in this scenario. I do understand that Obama and the West want an inclusive society, yes we understand you and I believe we want it more than you do. Which inclusive policy is better than the one that promote the right of the marginalised and excluded women of African society?  Which human right activity is better than the one that works on relocating the displaced children of Africa? Which justice is better than the one that help to stop all this incessant internal and external displacement of refugees? What abuse of human right is more far devastating than the one that put arms on the hands of terrorists and rebels? Of cause we don't fabricate such sophisticated arms and ammunitions. Which marginalisation is more than the situations of millions of unemployed youths all over the continent? I am disappointed not just because President Obama has made it a political agenda on the continent but because all the international media houses have failed to see beyond their egocentrism. They have refused to accept that Africa could have her own point of view, that Africa could choose what really matters for her. 
Why didn't Obama make security issue a political issue in a continent where people die on daily bases on the hands of those the West have handed over mass destructive machines. 
The most pressing issues, whether the west and Obama want it or not, in Africa is your empowerment, end of  war, poverty, diseases, alphabetisation and the types and not gay right.  After all no one cared about the gays some years back till it became a political issue. 
So, help us to eradicate poverty, create environments that dissuade our youths from taking to the sea in search of greener pastures. Help us to get rid of all these heartless and savage brutes sending our populations to their early graves. Stop sponsoring rebels and arming terrorists. Put an end to maintaining on power only leaders that dance to your tune and watch out to see if Africa really needs your lessons on inclusive society. 

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