Monday, 27 July 2015

Is The Gay Right in Africa, Worth The Attention that demands Obama and the Western Media?

Everybody is now twitting, facebooking, blogging and posting on the discussion between Obama and Uhuru Kenyata on gay rights. Yes it is making headlines and the media house and others will continue to analyse it, rebroadcast it, repost retweet it, review it and even telecast. They will conduct interviews on it, make a round table discussion, conduct forums on it, modify their journal contents to include the issue, columnist will twist it, satirists will ridicule it, comedians will entertain their audience with the topic and all those with imperialistic tendencies and superiority complex look find reasons to insult Africans as being primitives, non progressive, non democratic, poor, inhuman and non tole rants. Philanthropist and donors will find reasons to remind Africans how they love because of their aids etc.

Friday, 24 July 2015

The «Twitting Priest» of The Native Inter-Band Games

Between the 1st and 11th July, 2015, I took part in the native inter-band games, (J.A.I.B. 2015). The competition of this year took place in the Innu community of Mashteuiatsh, (Pointe-Bleu). I participated as a member of the delegation of Uashat mak Mani-Utenam - my community of residence -. The J.A.I.B. is a sports competition among the youth of first nation communities of Quebec: Among the Innus, the Cris, The Abénaquis, the Algonquins, the Attikameks, the Malécites, the Micmacs, the Naskapis, the Hurons-Wendats, the Mohawks etc.  I went, first as an assistant Basketball coach and one of the supervisors but also with the intention of continuing my integration among the first nations.  

Monday, 20 July 2015

The Biafran Saga and The Rest of Us

All those who follow the evolution of opinions in Nigeria these days must have understood that one of the trilling subjects among the Igbos in Social Media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and the types has been the question of Biafra. A topic worthy of consideration. The bone of contention has been the propaganda that the Igbos are marginalized in Nigeria. An argument that always ends up in invoking the Biafran War.
The problem with this new crusade is that the supporters are either unaware of what really took place during the Biafran war, as they were either not yet born during the war or still too young to remember it, or very far from the Nigerian shores. Their arm of war has been the Internet where they reach their young audience through the Internet Radio, Twitter, blog, websites or Facebook accounts.