Monday, 29 June 2015

Nigeria, a land of promise and problems, and what more?

On the 21st May 2015, Rev. Fr Thomas Reese, sj, wrote a very nice article on his impression after visiting Nigeria, as a member of delegation from the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF). On his article entitled Nigeria, a land of promise and problems, and published by The National Catholic Reporter, Fr Reese, wrote, (surely from his personal observations) on how corruption, incompetence, sectarian violence and total dependence on oil has been a serious source of woe to Nigeria as a nation. Here is a follow up I wrote on his article. I submitted it to the National Catholic Reporters but they have never thought of saying a word about it even when I contacted them personally through phone and through mails. I really wanted National Catholic reporter or Fr. Reese to answer these few questions.
1. How does Boko Haram procure their arms? Of course, they are not all obtainable in Nigeria. 2. How do they buy their armored cars and transport them to Nigeria without being noticed? 3. Who fabricates those arms and how do they obtain them? 4. Who are their sponsors?
Here is my follow up to Fr. Reese’s article.
Permit me to propose a follow up to one of the articles written by one of those writers I respect much. I will start by acknowledging the efforts made by Fr Reese, to give a very serious analysis to the religious situation in Nigeria. It is always good to see people speak about a situation like this after certain experiences, the reason for which I congratulate father Reese for his write-up.
Contrary to what people might think, I have no intention of countering the findings of Fr Reese but to strengthen and re-propose some of the developments.