Monday, 18 May 2015

Burundi: When His Excellency Plays A Good Patriot

An African (Igbo of Nigerian) proverb says that a man whose house is on fire do not chase rats, but Mr Pierre Nkurunziza, the President of Burundi, has decided to do the contrary. Burundi, as we have already know has been recently in a state of chaos; paralysed by different manifestations orchestrated by his recent modification of the constitutions of the Republic of Burundi which permits him to run for a third term as the President of Burundi. During these manifestations, Burundi lost not less than 18 of her citizens. There was also a failed putsch attempt which made a serious but brief vague both in and out of the Continent.

However, yesterday, Sunday 17th May 2015, Mr Nkurunziza, finally defied all the speculations on his where about by making a majestic but comic appearance. This ex-university professor and football player came out sarcastically and tried to turn down all the events taking place in his country. In the manner of a «good Christian, and Pastor as many take him to be» he started by shaking the hands of all the journalists present in his presidential press release and talking about Sunday celebrations. After the calculated civil courtesy of hand shaking, Mr Nkurunziza, proceeded in what he called Press Conference. And in a 55 minutes speech, he avoided talking about all the recent event that took place in country and started speaking of terrorist threat on Burundi.

The Comedian Nkurunziza made his 55 seconds speech in French before turning to Kirundi ignoring all the foreign media present. According to an RFI reporter, Mr Nkurunziza would have avoided receiving questions from other journalists present except those from the National Television, a pro government channel.

What baffles everybody is that in the 55 seconds Press conference done in French, Mr Nkurunziza, instead of speaking of the failed putsch, of the burnt private television channel, of the Burundians that failed in the manifestations, of the recent attack of a hospital by the State Police went ahead speaking of a specific threat from the Islamist group Al-Shabaab on his country. A statement, which from certain source, seems to have been rejected and described as dumbfounded by a spokesman of the Al-Shabaab.

Nkurunziza shortly left the journalists in their thirst and was escorted out of the Press Arena, just as a good comedian he is.

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