Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Already One Year since the Abduction of The Chibok School Girls

One year today, 14th April 2014, the whole world was shocked by the news of the abduction of more than 200 school girls from Chibok, a community in Borno State of Nigeria. The incident drew attention and led to voices of concern and condemnations from different areas and works of life, among which the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Nigeria, Pope Francis, Michel Obama, Malala Yousafzai etc. All those who spoke, including many other important personalities, were united in insisting that everything be done to save the girls or that the  girls be brought home. Many Countries offered the Nigerian Government some military aid to rescue the school girls. However, apart from the few girls that were alleged to have escaped on their own, no one of the girls was or has been militarily rescued.
Shortly before the just concluded March 28 Presidential election in Nigeria, the outgoing president, Goodluck Jonathan, had been convinced on the need to a rescheduling of the date of election on the conviction that with a six weeks extension would result in redressing the Security issues caused by Boko Haram in the Country. After what could be likened to a commando operation at the famous Sambisa forest where the school girls were allegedly harboured, no information has been given on the whereabout of the girls. Presently, many Nigerians are fed up with the kids glove approach to crucial national issues, like the kidnap of more than 200 schoolgirls. This no doubt contributed to the failure of the incumbent president in his re-election bid, and that of most of his serving cabinet.
From all indications, the incoming government who throughout the time of electioneering always laid emphases on “Change”: taken as changing the situation of insecurity and corruption in Nigeria, would be faced with the two big giants – corruption and insecurity – that have been tying Nigeria down. Besides the fact that the incoming President has already insisted on fighting corruption, starting with his would be ministers, his speech on the occasion of the one year anniversary of the kidnap of the Chibok School Girls is quite encouraging. The President elect had started his speech by recognizing the extent to which the issue has affected Nigerians, and the public opinion about Nigeria. Then, after consoling the families and assuring them that the thought and prayers of the whole Nigerians are with them, he promised that his government will, with the collective effort of Nigerians, do everything within their power to ensure that the issue of Boko Haram is addressed properly.
          As a matter of fact, with the coming to power of new government of Buhari, the Nigerian youths involvement in politics, and coupled with the expected involvement of the Nigerian Catholics in the policy making, Nigeria would most likely have a better tomorrow, while it is hoped that those things we have not yet been told about Boko Haram would soon be laid bare.

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